" /> Nazi Liberals Intimidate Conservatives Who Want To Ban Books According To Christian Radio Host

Nazi Liberals Intimidate Conservatives Who Want To Ban Books According To Christian Radio Host


Mission America’s Linda Harvey wants to celebrate Banned Books Week by having conservative activists pressure school libraries to offer her to stock “Maybe He’s Not Gay,” her book on ex-gay pseudo-science.

As Right-Wing Watch reports, during her Friday radio commentary, Harvey called progressives modern-day “Nazis” who “only want certain ideas available” to the public. On the flip-side, “conservatives are rightfully trying to stop libraries from offering ‘very, very questionable’ and ‘inappropriate material’ to young people.”

What Banned Books Week is really all about is to intimidate any parent trying to question the use of a specific group in a specific class or school. There are no efforts, except maybe by liberals, to totally shut off certain materials everywhere in the country. The books that are questioned are always available elsewhere, it’s just that not everything is appropriate for kids. But often the library profession seems reluctant to allow kids to read conservative books. Doesn’t this seem rather hypocritical to you? Some folks believe that the whole purpose is to get some very, very questionable material in front of kids and label any concerned parents as ‘book banners.’ It’s a slick strategy and has resulted in lots of really inappropriate material now in front of children everywhere. Yet meanwhile, some really valuable ideas and information is somehow bypassed.

For those of you unfamiliar with Linda Harvey, she is a radio talk show host on WRFD,an AM radio station billing itself as “Broadcast Bible teaching programs from Columbus,” Ohio. She writes commentary for infamous conservative website WorldNetDaily and she is the founder of Mission America, a Christian organization seeking to “cover the latest cultural and social trends in our country and what they might mean for Christians.”

Mission America puts most of its focus on their efforts to combat LGBT rights, particularly gay marriage, and the also “publish a printed quarterly newsletter called “Choice 4 Truth” covering just the issue of homosexuality and youth.”

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