Unbelievable! NY Post Attacks Clinton Baby

Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid rag the New York Post is now officially not even suited for lining birdcages, wrapping fish, shredding for cat boxes, or even as emergency toilet paper, after the conservative scandal sheet attacks Clinton baby.

I mean, engaging in a partisan attack ON A NEWBORN BABY? Really? Just really? Sadly, really.

How is this possible, you might wonder? What on Earth could get a newspaper, even a low class rag like the New York Post, to put ink to the presses to insult a newborn baby?What could possess an editorial board to allow their publication to run as its cover a photo that had been pilfered from the twitter account of a newborn baby’s proud grandparents, along with insults like “another Dem crybaby” and “party pooper” in all caps, bold print? Well, as you can see from the cover photo, that baby is Bill & Hillary Clinton’s first grandchild. That’s what.

New York Post cover attacks newborn Clinton grandchild

I feel compelled to point out here, to the idiots at News Corp., parent company of both the New York Post and Fox News, that for all they know this child could grow up to be the black sheep of the Clinton family, by which I mean a conservative. She could register as a Republican. For all anyone knows, she could even grow up to be the first female Republican President someday.

I guess we shouldn’t expect more from these people, who have proven themselves time and time again to be the lowest of the low. I mean, Murdoch’s media empire employs plenty of rancorous misogynists, homophobes, religious fanatics, and outright raving nutcases, as has been demonstrated so often that watchdog groups exist just to keep track of it all. In fact, it’s so bad that Murdoch and his propaganda empire even once inspired a James Bond villain. But now they’ve managed to find a new low. Yes, I mean a lower low than when the NY Post implicated two men as terrorists because of their skin color. Lower than when misogynistic male Fox News hosts turned a segment on women in the military into jokes about women drivers and quips about “boobs on the ground“. Lower than when the NY Post slut shamed female world leaders. And on the same low plateau as when the NY Post ran a sarcastic hateful open letter to the unborn Clinton grandchild.

There was plenty of disgust to be found in the Twitterverse, too…


It’s being said a lot today, as it has before, and I’m sure will be again many times, but let me add my voice to the chorus and say ‘stay classy’ New York Post. Stay classy.

Edward Lynn

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