The Most Hilarious Ad Campaign Of 2014: ‘Republicans Are People Too’ – VIDEO

Republicans Are People Too

So, I came up for air while drowning in the vast sea of right wing hate, and lo and behold, I found out the right wingers are now the ones claiming to have hurt feelings.

Poor babies.

Yes, after years of being forced to constantlty counter vile and often outlandish statements, batshit crazy assertions, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, even sexophobic (like Rick Santorum’s comments about people who feel free to “do stuff in the sexual realm”) remarks, and wildly unhinged theories, it turns out that the poor widdle wepubwicans are the ones who got their widdle feewings hurt…

And that’s why one Republican strategist came up with the ad campaign titled, wait for it… “Republicans Are People Too”.

Yes, you read that right. And that sense of deja vu you have? Well, just say it like this, “Republicans ARE people, my friend.” Kinda like corporations. And with about the same moral compass.

The campaign consists of a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, the hashtag #imarepublican (which is hilarious reading), and a youtube video (below) that’s reminiscent of a bad sales meeting powerpoint, full of slides of stock photos of Republicans doing the kind of stuff that gets you labeled a “R.I.N.O.” (Republican In Name Only} by the right wing press and the GOP’s Tea Party base. Things like driving a Prius, or recycling, or reading the New York Times in public, or being black. OMG!

The campaign’s creator, GOP strategist Vinny Minchillo, aka @yovinny, was (not surprisingly) on of Mitt Romney’s “Mad Men” from the 2012 campaign. And now he works for (and you really can’t even make this stuff up) Glass House Strategies, a conservative strategic firm. You know, like the old saying, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. How ironic.

“People, I’m afraid,” Minchillo told the New Republic, “think that Republicans spend their days huddling over a boiling cauldron throwing in locks of Ronald Reagan’s hair…”

Which is absurd. Of course people don’t think that about Republicans. Well, maybe Christine O’Donnell

“On social media,” Manchillo said, “I’ve been called every name in the book. It’s become socially acceptable to talk about Republicans in the most evil terms possible and that doesn’t seem right.”

Uh-huh… Kinda like how Republicans have turned the very word “liberal” into a slur? And when even sneering the word liberal isn’t insulting enough for them, they come out with “libtard”, just to make sure it’s insulting enough. And talking about Republicans as though they’re evil? Well, after all, it’s not like Republicans are out to destroy the middle class, wipe out the rights of the working class, eliminate the social safety net for the poor, the sick, and the elderly, mandate control over people’s sexuality, shut down all public (read: secular and available to the poor, including girls) education, or eliminate our religious freedoms and impose an apostate version of Christian sharia law on us all. Nothing so evil it’s oddly similar to the Al-Qaeda (or ISIS/ISIL or other terrorist nickname du-jour) agenda, or anything like that. No, no…

I suppose it’s pointless to tell @yovinny that if you have to run a public relations campaign just to convince people that your side is at least human, you should probably examine a lot more than whether some of you recycle or not. But that hasn’t stopped many, many commentators – ranging from the Rachel Maddow Show’s Facebook page to a Youtube commenter named Jeremy Hall, and others, from doing so, either implicitly, or explicitly.


So let me make a different observation… It seems to me that the video actually reveals something about Republicans and what they’re really all about that maybe they didn’t mean to. I couldn’t help but notice that when the video gets into the subject of race, the very first slide says “Republicans are white”. Nor did it escape my notice that when the slide that said “Republicans donate to charity” came up, it featured an image of an old lady in line for soup. Or that the slide that says “Republicans enjoy gourmet cooking” features two men of a certain age cooking in a home kitchen together. Or, and this is my favorite one, that the slide that says “Republicans like dogs and cats” had to add “but probably dogs a little more than cats”.

Republicans are white

Republicans donate to charity

Republicans cook
Republicans like dogs best

It’s all so indicative of the Republican Condition, if you think about it. I mean, Republicans come in all colors, but to them the most important ones are white. And Republicans donate to charity, because as far as they’re concerned, if old people need some help getting by, then they can drag their old bones down to the local soup kitchen. And two men in a domestic situation together? Well, they can cook together, but Republicans sure don’t want them to be married. And best of all, to Republicans both dogs and cats are fine, but dogs are loyal even if you mistreat them, and will follow you anywhere, whereas cats are fiercely independent. No wonder the people of the party that’s full of proud “dittoheads” and “Fox Friends” prefer dogs to cats!

Yup… way to go with the rebranding, Republicans. All us libtards are seriously impressed. Keep it up! We’ll see you at the polls on November 4th.

Feel like a laugh? Watch the video:

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