" /> Sarah Palin Must Have Missed The Memo Telling Her To Shut The F--- Up!

Sarah Palin Must Have Missed The Memo Telling Her To Shut The F— Up!


Sarah Palin must have somehow missed the memo asking her to shut the f— up!

As liberals I wonder sometimes that our greatest liability is our good nature, our desire to take the “moral high ground”.  It seems to me at some point anger is justified.  At times speaking LOUDLY while brandishing a big stick is the only reasonable response to the ongoing hateful shit that keeps spewing from these people’s mouths – and on a near daily basis.

A good friend of mine from Facebook, T.J., may have said it best today when she posted the following status update:

[T]he papers and the internet are full of racist Republican and Teabillie comments. Every day something new comes through and now Sarah the dumb twat Palin made another stupid racist comment.

I have these republican voters that tell me ‘no’ they are not racist and it is not about race that they can not stand Obama.

Guess what? Your party is racist all the way through AND YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY has made that statement for you….. that is if you care to watch TV or read the news.

If you vote for these assholes you are voting PRO racism and against woman and gay rights. period. No ifs, no buts, no nothing about it.

You know what they say about guilt by association?


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