Vote For Madison Kimrey, Send A Message To NC Republicans – This 13-YO Activist Has Your Number


Madison Kimrey may be 13-years-old, but she has the ability to understand what pre-registration means for 16 and 17-year-old teens who would like to make sure they can vote as soon as they turn 18.

It is a very simple concept. Teens can only pre-register if they are 17 and will turn 18 on or before Election Day. If they are not given the opportunity to pre-register, they are not able to vote in that election even though they are of legal age.

Evidently State Senator Robert Anthony Rucho from Mecklenburg County is either confused about what pre-registration is or he honestly thinks young people are not capable of understanding how easy it is to get registered. Madison explains it:

The ability for 16 and 17 year-olds to pre-register to vote has been eliminated. For those not familiar with this program, teenagers who were 16 or 17 could fill out a voter registration form through civics education programs at their schools. Those forms were then held by the Board of Elections until the teenagers turned 18. At that time, their information would be verified and they would automatically be added to the voter rolls.

Madison has written extensively on this subject.   Here is more of what she had to say:

It’s important for the country to pay attention to the reasons given for the elimination of this program. When the NC Senate held hearings on NC’s new voter ID law, Senator Bob Rucho talked about his son pre-registering then being confused about when he was actually going to vote. Senator Rucho, who has served over seven terms, said he wrote a letter to the Board of Elections for clarification.

Despite the questioning of Rucho’s confusion by Senator Josh Stein, who has proven to be a champion for NC youth, the voter ID law passed with the elimination of pre-registration included. After the bill was passed, Governor Pat McCrory said he planned to sign it. When questioned about the elimination of pre-registration, the Governor said, “I don’t know enough … I’m sorry, I haven’t seen that part of the bill.”

Rucho is running unchallenged.

Obviously Madison is too young to take his place as State Senator, although many would argue (including me) that she would be a stronger and more efficient leader than Rucho. Writing in her name on the ballot would send a very strong message to the obstructionist GOP in North Carolina – that the citizens of the state are not putting up with their shenanigans anymore! And that Madison Kimrey has more sense in her young brain than all the confused Republican males who currently have power.

How awesome would it be if she got more votes than Rucho??? You can help make that happen by spreading the word. Tell all the NC progressive voters to vote for Madison!

Check out Madison in action speaking at the We Are Woman Constitution Day Rally on September 13, 2014:

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