Hey Women: He Wants To Protect YOU From YOURSELF On Election Day (VIDEO)


Women who are being poisoned by feminism need this dude to make decisions for them. Just ask him. He’ll tell you.

And if you are on your period – you are clearly unable to make rational decisions about anything.

Sound ridiculous? Yes.

Sound extreme? Absolutely!

If you have been paying attention, you understand that as a woman, your rights are being eroded or downright taken away. And if you are vocal on social media about women’s rights, you surely have been trolled and certain men, who lack spines, will tell you so.

A man once posted this message on my Facebook page. The reason? Because I am a woman who is vocal about equality.

So even though this video is a sarcastic way to get you to the voting booth, please take it seriously and vote. Your rights as a woman are at stake.

The Republican Party wants to limit and/or ban all abortions. They are successfully closing down low cost health care clinics in many states – making it more difficult to acquire legal, safe abortions and affordable birth control – as well as overall health care including cancer screenings.

Republicans have voted against equal pay, the Violence Against Women Act and raising the minimum wage.

The GOP consistently paints liberal women as lazy moochers who want everyone to pay for their sex lives.

So you can see, the man in this video is representative of too many people who WILL BE VOTING.

Make sure you have your say and VOTE on November 4.

Register HERE.

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