6 Reasons We Should We Impeach Chief Justice John Roberts


William Greider posted an interesting question in an article for The Nation on Wednesday: Should We Impeach Chief Justice John Roberts?

Grieder points out that with all the talk floating around about impeaching President Obama, why not consider using the process for a “far more deserving candidate for impeachment—Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court.”

Consider Grieder’s position for a moment. He begins his article by pointing out that while the Republicans in Congress have been doing everything they can to block any meaningful legislation, the five conservative Supreme Court justices have been doing their very best to legislate from the bench, “following an agenda neatly aligned with their conservative party. Step by step, the five right-wing justices are transforming the terms of the American political system—including the Constitution.”

To get the full picture, I would strongly encourage you to go to The Nation and read Grieder’s full article. It is well worth the time. To help encourage you, we have pulled a few bullet points from his piece to give you the general idea he is presenting. And bear in mind, while the words are his, they were not presented as numbered bullet points – we did that for simplicity and clarity.

  1. They empowered “dark money” in politics and produced the $4 billion by-election of 2014.
  2. They assigned spiritual values to soulless corporations who thus gained First Amendment protection of free speech and religion.
  3. The justices effectively gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965, even as they allowed state governments to create new obstacles for minority voting.
  4. The High Court made it okay to take guns to church and more difficult to keep guns from dangerous people.
  5. It rendered a series of decisions that collectively shifted political power from the many to the few.
  6. The Roberts Court’s latest target is once again President Obama’s singular achievement, the Affordable Care Act. Under peculiar circumstances just three days after the midterm elections, the Court announced it will hear another legal challenge that threatens to disable and perhaps destroy the new healthcare system.

And as Grieder notes early in the article:

This power grab by the unelected—and supposedly non-partisan—justices has already produced a historic rewrite of America democracy. But it was done by blatantly usurping the decision-making authority that belongs to the elected government in Congress and the executive branch. The Republican justices are not finished with their undeclared revolution. They will continue unless and until people rise up and stop them.

Click here for the full article by Grieder for The Nation.

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