Lower Gas Prices Will Cost American Lives According To Fox News And The Tea Party – VIDEO



Gas prices are plummeting, falling 34% since last June, “a five-year low,” and Fox News and conservative groups are going insane. After blaming the president for high gas prices for years, they are scurrying about frantically to change the narrative.

They are concerned because not only would “lower gas prices mean more savings for consumers,”  as CNBC reports, “lower gas prices over a sustained period of time could finally begin to change the public’s perception about the U.S. economy,” according to NBC News, adding:

Politically, an improving economy helps the president and his party. (It also makes it harder to say the health-care law has stifled the economy.) And in macroeconomic terms, lower gas prices serve as a kind of economic stimulus — which Congress doesn’t have to pass or finance. [emphasis added]

To combat this dire situation, Fox News has created one of the most absurd scenarios possible – and one without a single foundation in fact – or quite frankly, logic – but instead of breaking it down for you here, we are going to provide a synopsis of the Fox News clip [below] as posted by Tea Party New Network (TPNN) in an article entitled: “Could Lower Gas Prices Cost American Lives?” – and remember to fasten your seat-belt.

To make thing easy for you, we have broken down their argument into its four main points:

I. The Saudis are afraid of American energy independence.

Saudi Arabia is “playing a dangerous game of chess” by lowering oil prices to the USA “while raising prices to most other countries,” out of concern that the USA will become “more self-reliant on our own energy.” Therefore the Saudis are attempting to create a situation wherein it would not be “cost effective to do so.”

Editor’s Note: While they don’t come out and say it here, my gut tells me this is a preview of future articles supporting the controversial Keystone Pipeline, a Koch brothers dream come true.

This plot is doomed to failure as the Saudi oil reserves “will be gone in an estimated 3 years if the price stays below $75 per barrel.”  This in turn would lead to destabilization of the country, and region, as Saudi Arabia “pays their citizens to live in the country comfortably from cradle to grave as long as they don’t cause trouble.”

Editor’s Note: They also drone on about a “society used to living 100% of[f] the government. Apparently this Tea Party faction believe that Saudi Arabia is some sort of liberal paradise where entitlements rain down upon its citizens with no restraint – some sort of Democratic version of a pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow.

II. Iran and Russia, led by the ever “narcissistic” Vladimir Putin, are in an alliance to make Iran the “most powerful nation” in the region.

Then they provide the alternate theory that the lower gas prices is the result of Saudi fear of “the latest partnership between Iran and Russia where Russia can build even more nuclear power plants in Iran making Iran the most powerful nation in the area.  This has the Saudis sweating as their number one enemy in the region has been the Iranians who, with the backing of a country led by a narcissistic leader like Vladimir Putin, a real physical threat could be mounting against the Saudis.”

III. Scratch that last one, actually it is the United States that in working with Iran and not the Russians

In an apparent attempt to cover all their bases, TPNN also decides to set forth the theory that it is actually the USA that has partnered with Iran. According to them the Saudi “King feels that the President is shifting his support towards Iran and away from Saudi Arabia.  The King feels that the United States has broke its promise and pledge that it made to Saudi Arabia in 1974,” a deal they claim gave “Saudi Arabia control of the price of oil” and “in return the United States would give its unwavering support to Saudi Arabia.”

Editor’s Note: In a confusing passage the claim the biggest example [proof] of this fact “was in 1990, when Iraq invaded Kuwait and was preparing to invade Saudi Arabia.” And thus ends their third theory.


TPNN’s concludes, by writing that the Suadi “King believes that by driving the price of oil down, he will put oil companies out of business or at least force them to cut production.  By cutting production in other countries, it makes Saudi Arabia even more important and strengthens the reasons why it should be protected from any possible aggressors,” by none other than the United States.

So while Americans are enjoying the extra cash in our pockets from low gas prices, realize that this might just be the Saudis trying their best to guarantee that America will stand by their side, if anything, to protect our own oil asset from anyone who might try and come against them.  Just like in the Gulf War except this aggressor is not coming in riding on camels rather riding in on Russian tanks.

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