Fox News And The New York Post Targeted By ‘Die-In, Shutdown and Boycott’ Campaign

#HAPPYNEWYEARS Die-In, Shutdown and Boycott of the racist 1% NY POST/FOX NEWS because Black Lives Matter!


Remaining members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement are staging a “Die-In, Shutdown and Boycott” protest targeting Fox News and the New York Post.

The demonstration is scheduled for January 2nd in Midtown Manhattan at 1211 Avenue of the Americas (also known as the News Corp. Building)  which houses the main studios of the Fox News Channel and home to the The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.

The event is co-hosted by Occu-Evolve_OWS and by OWS S17 2015, “a [Facebook] page run by the remaining members of groups still in the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City, including Alternative Banking and Occu-Evolve two of the longest serving groups that still have open meetings and conduct ongoing actions and campaigns.”

The event invitation is posted on various Occupy Wall Street Facebook pages along with other BLACK LIVES MATTER events, as an event, and on various websites to include event calender site Eventi.

Along with background and info regarding the demonstration, the invitation includes a list of demands, and reads as follows:

Friday, January 2, 2015 at 2:00pm – 4:00pm in EST
1211 6th Ave, New York, New York SHOW MAP
As many already know The NY POST is a newspaper that is owned and controlled by the Right Winger Rupert Murdoch, who in essence is a corporate racist, that continually supports and disseminates racist, classist, sexist and all forms of pro 1% misinformation through his NY POST newspaper as well as FOX television.
This rag has also continually posted lies and misinformation about the Black Lives Matter movement, protests and uprising. We say NO REST FOR THE WICKED and beyond this action a boycott of the NY POST and FOX NEWS remains in existence as long as the lies continue from its newspaper, news programming and other media services.
This Die-In Shutdown and Boycott is but the first part of a larger upcoming campaign for justice, and one way to make change is to begin hitting the 1% in their pockets as well as enlighten, expand and maximize participation in the movement as well as a action to expose the racist lies and bias of mass media starting with but NOT limited to the NY POST!
We also plan to do outreach to the 99% to explain the campaign and boycott and the role that ‘mainstream’ often dilutes the truth (when its not outright lying or mis-characterizing it).
We also will have the following:
Immediate Demands

The firing of Officer Daniel Panteleo
Reparations to Garner family
Outside (Independent) review of all cases involving police brutality and murder of civilians
Firing of prosecutor Daniel Donavon in this and recall elections -involving prosecutor
Independent Prosecutor (with no ties to the police department) in this and all future cases
Firing of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton
Immediate end of the Lowest level priority prosecutions (marijuana)

Intermediate Institutional Demand Include:
Community Control of Police…
Elimination of test -Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory /Publish curriculum of training of NYPD
End of drug war and funding involving the militarization of the police

We are also calling for a boycott of NY post for its continued bias, racist untruths and misrepresentation of the facts of the Garner and most other cases of police brutality and murder of civilians in this city.
These Consented demands were created at a open meeting following the BlackLivesMatter Justice for Eric Garner Assembly, the newly formed committee of Occupy For Justice Because Black Lives Matter on December 5, 2014
We have organizing assemblies every Friday at 60 Wall Street NYC 7:00PM

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