Holiday Satanic Display Approved By Florida Capitol – VIDEO

The Satanic Temple’s bid to put up a holiday display at the Florida Capitol has been approved by state authorities.

The Satanists’ display features the angel Lucifer  falling from heaven into an open fire.

Several other groups have been permitted to put up displays in previous years in the rotunda because it is a public forum – including a Nativity scene and a six foot Festivus pole covered with beer cans. The Satanists’ display bid was denied last year by the Department of Management Services, who called the proposal “grossly offensive.” It appears they have changed their ruling and the Satanists can celebrate the season alongside all the other groups.

State officials have also approved a display from a group called The Church of the Spaghetti Flying Monster.

Something tells me Kirk Cameron won’t be happy about this latest development.

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FOX 35 News Orlando

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