Open Letter To Elizabeth Lauten Regarding Her Resignation And Lame Apology


Dear Elizabeth Lauten,

Glad to see the news of your resignation. I get that you’re in that awful Republican Party that treats women like second class citizens and hates President Obama, but you were working  for a United States Representative at the time.[1]

You should have tried showing a little class. At least demonstrating some respect the part you were playing at the time.

Then again your party doesn’t respect women, or the poor, or blacks, or Hispanics, or veterans or the middle class…so I’m guessing you’re coming up short in the “respect humanity and children” department.

Nevertheless, stretch yourself. Rise to the occasion. Act like you care about how young girls might feel when adults like you slut shame them by saying they look as if they are dressed for a spot at a bar.

Act like being a responsible, respectful woman matters to you. Act like you care about other people. Act like you realize that when you say you “prayed” on your nasty words, no one really believes you, and we can all see that your apology was just for show.

And certainly do not think for one second we believe you are sorry. We believe you are mean and that you bully kids for kicks. And when you are called on it, you sell us some BS that you “prayed” on it.


1. Lauten was employed as the Communications Director for Tennessee Rep. Steven Fincher (R) up until her Monday resignation.



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