Check Out What GOP Voters Are Saying About Sarah Palin Running For POTUS


Okay, first of all, we all know that Palin won’t make it past the primaries – if she even gets that far. It would be easy to assume Palin’s latest announcement hinting that she might be running for POTUS is nothing more than a way to drum up more attention for her show “Amazing America.”  But we are talking about Palin. Her ego knows no bounds.

For the sake of argument, let’s just say she will run. How do conservatives feel about it? One great way to take the temperature is to see what Chicks On The Right (COTR) and their fans have to say. COTR say they are giving conservatism a makeover – meaning they don’t want stodgy, old white dudes to get all the GOP glory and run the show. The duo is not happy with the idea of Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney representing them. They are, however, very excited about Republican extremist lunatic Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin as a 2016 possibility.

When Palin hinted at a run – right before her “bizzaro” “incoherent” “incredibly long run-on-sentence”  GOP speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, one of the Chicks wrote:

 Sarah Palin is incredibly powerful as a fundraiser, activist, outspoken representative of the Tea Party, and conservative woman in general.  I’m still holding out hope that she takes Reince Priebus’s (sic) job, because I think it’s the perfect fit for her.”

That was a nice way for them to say they don’t want to see Miss Winky Youbetcha run.  I don’t usually agree with COTR but in this particular case, I AGREE WITH ALL OF MY BEING. I would throw a parade if Palin is ever chosen to head the Republican National Committee. I would jump for joy and dance a jig. I would do cartwheels on the White House lawn – and I have a bad back!

There were some who were happy about Palin running. Some. Not all. Not even most. Here are some of the comments COTR’s Facebook page – and before you discount them, consider their page has more than 700k (and growing) fans:

Pete: Dear god in heaven, Palin? Why have an election? Just give it to Hillary.

Raymond: Does she just want the Democrats to easily win the white house or something?

Curt: love Sarah. But we’ve had a woman in the White House since ’08. Between her and her husband Michelle, we are a laughing stock.

Julie: Why can’t she just goooooo away!!! Be supportive and not destructive. Does she think ANYONE would vote for her seriously???? I don’t HATE her so to speak-but do not see her in our govt again please. She has her reputation to clean up first

Rick: Nothing to lose. I’m voting MILF party.

Kerri: She’s crazy! I wouldn’t vote for this nut job if you paid me!

Cece: Please just tell me it was an attempt for publicity about her next reality show!

Johnny: Go back to Alaska, Palin. You look good, but you’re too flakey to have your finger on the red button. Gov. Scott Walker is who I’m rooting for. Anyone but Palin, Bush and Trump (and his hair).

Greg: OH, SHIT NO!!!!

Dave: She is a side show Joke… What a waste of time.

Ron: It wouldn’t be so crowded if we could get the fake conservatives Jeb, Romney and Huckabee to drop out.

Arn: Because idiots follow idiots…. no wonder this country is so f*cked.

Jessica: Please not her…

Donna: These people need to get a flipping hint. When someone doesn’t want you the first time around, why do you think it will different the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time. We need a brand new face, not these recycled, tossed around, dying to get their asses kicked, old farts.

William: She should run, but just for the visual effects. I had to turn off the audio in her previous play, and that worked really well. I could watch her, silently, all day for maybe a couple of days.

Andrea: Are they even listening to the people who are voting? They are already making this look like a circus.

Karen: Sit down Sarah. Let the grown-ups run.

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