Gloria Steinem On Feminism, Millennials & Violence Against Women (VIDEO)


Lauren Windsor of The Undercurrent had an opportunity to interview feminist icon Gloria Steinem about the relevance of feminism in contemporary society after she accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award from the Midwest Academy, on December 10, 2014.

Windsor asked Steinem why millennials are turned off by the term “feminism.” Steinem describes how it was much worse for her generation and says “The trend line is up, definitely. Because it was ridiculed in the beginning. And took a while to even get to serious opposition. Now, of course we have Rush Limbaugh saying feminazi every minute so there’s a drive to demonize the word…” Steinem goes on to say that most people aren’t really aware of the actual meaning of the term, or what is happening in the movement. Once they learn and realize it’s about securing the rights of women, they are not so quick to distance themselves.

Steinem added that anyone who would suggest we are living in a “post feminist society” is promoting a form of obstructionism and she asserts that violence against women is the “single greatest determinant” in whether a country is violent within itself.

Watch Steinem’s speech after receiving her award HERE.

And you can also watch Midwest Academy’s great tribute to Steinem HERE.

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