Fox News Hosts Slam Rand Paul For Shushing Female Anchor – VIDEO


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) once again showed the world his class by shushing CNBC host Kelly Evans for challenging him on a tax proposal during a testy interview on Monday.

The Hill reported that Evans questions Paul about his “plan for a tax ‘holiday’ for companies bringing back cash from overseas.” At one point, Evans noted that research shows that “plans like Paul’s cost more money than they save over the long term.”

Paul responding by putting his forefinger over his lips saying “shush,” adding: “calm down a bit here, Kelly, let me answer the question.”

Then on Tuesday’s edition of Fox’s “Outnumbered,” the all-female hosts let Rand Paul have it, starting with Andrea Tantaros who asked: “Is it ever okay to shush a woman?”

Melissa Francis who said things would have been much different if he had tried to shush her on her own show:

If that had been my show, I would have said, ‘Sit down right now. Clip his mic. This interview is over.’ I do not get shushed on my own show. I would have thrown him off my show at that second.

Harris Faulkner added that she wouldn’t have laughed it off, rather she would have pressed him on why he was trying to avoid her line of questioning, adding

We’re not talking about the substance of what he said anymore. All we’re talking about is the fact that he shushed this host. So if he had a message to get out, he just killed it.

Kennedy asked what the other hosts would think were the host a male, to which Faulkner responded:

Doesn’t matter. Disrespect is equal gender.

You can watch the clip, below.

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