" /> Arianna Huffington Tears Into GOP War Machine, Shreds Lindsey Graham Credibility - VIDEO

Arianna Huffington Tears Into GOP War Machine, Shreds Lindsey Graham Credibility – VIDEO


Arianna Huffington came out swinging at the GOP war machine during last week’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Both Huffington and Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn shredded the effort by 47 Republican senators to undermine the Obama administration’s efforts to negotiate a nuclear treaty with Iran.

Early on in the segment, Penn drew loud cheers of approval from members of the audience when he called the letter from the 47 Republicans “criminal mutiny,” while Huffington attacked the credibility of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for calling Iran “the root cause of this problem in the Mideast as much as ISIL. I fear them more than I fear ISIL.”

Questioning the absence of a “statute of limitations on stupidity,” Huffington tore into Graham’s track record, stating:

Going back to 2003, I went back and saw what he was saying on Meet the Press then, and he was so cheerleading the war. He kept saying of course Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. All the same stuff that he’s saying now about Iran, without any reservation he was saying about Iraq and he doesn’t see the connection between what we did in Iraq and how that strengthened Iran and how of course the way that ISIS was created, because of the complete failure of the political solution in Iraq.

Huffington later went on to discuss the danger presented by the 47 Republicans, stating that:

The problem is that the implication of this letter is that if there is a Republican in the White House next, they’re going to go to war with Iran, and there is absolutely no accountability for how they’re going to pay for it, or what that means.
It’s like, spend about $4 trillion on the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention what we’re spending on the vets, – So now we want to ask them, “how are you going to pay for a war with Iran?”.

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