How I Dealt With A Frightening & Threatening Internet Bully

frightening and threatening internet troll

I woke up today and found this Facebook message.


I looked this character’s profile up and saw that he’s a big fan of Duck Dynasty. I’m assuming he sent this message to me because I posted an article about DD’s Phil Robertson yesterday. I was trolled heavily by many folks who have fake Facebook accounts. Since the message came from an account with no profile picture, I wondered if it was a fake account. His friend list is visible to the public. A quick Internet search provided me with his MySpace page – with pictures of him as well as his friends and family members. I cross referenced his friends lists on both pages and found this was indeed the man who messaged me on Facebook.

After I took screenshots of his picture, his message and saved the URLs from his family and friends, I replied to him.

He responded again:


As you can see, he apologized, but it was the sorrynotsorry kind.

I accepted his half-assed “apology” and told him I have saved all of the information I collected. I also told him I passed his message to a family member (of mine) who is in law enforcement and said that maybe he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a woman on the Internet who receives such violent suggestions.

Unable to control his impulses, he chose to insult me again.


And our last exchange:


Did he make a threat? Not directly but he was threatening and no one should have to put up with this type of behavior for any reason. After this exchange, I blocked him. I will not reveal his identity unless I hear from him again, or any of his friends.

I still have all of his information. In case.

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