To Change Everything: An Anarchist Appeal – VIDEO


“If you could change anything, what would you change? Would you 
go on vacation for the rest of your life? Make fossil fuels stop causing 
climate change? Ask for ethical banks and politicians? Surely nothing 
could be more unrealistic than to keep everything the way it is and 
expect different results.

Our private financial and emotional struggles mirror global 
upheaval and disaster. We could spend the rest of our days trying to 
douse these fires one by one, but they stem from the same source. No 
piecemeal solution will serve; we need to rethink everything according 
to a different logic.

To change anything, start everywhere.”

Created by CrimethInc, “To Change Everything: An Anarchist’s Appeal” goes on to explain that you:

  • Start with self-determination;
  • Start by answering to ourselves:
  • Start by seeking power, not authority;
  • Start with relationships built on trust;
  • Start by reconciling the individual and the whole;
  • Start with the liberation of desire;
  • Start with revolt.
  • The problem is control;
  • The problem is hierarchy;
  • The problem is borders;
  • The problem is representation;
  • The problem is leaders;
  • The problem is government;
  • The problem is profit;
  • The problem is property.

The last crime.

To change anything, start everywhere.

Don’t cling to the old world.

The secret is to being

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