Fox News Can’t Discuss Mental Illness Because They Create It: Russell Brand – VIDEO


In the latest episode of The Trews, our favorite Brit takes on Fox News’ coverage of the Germanwings plane crash. Russell Brand’s target this week was Fox’s Neil Cavuto. Brand plays clips of the Fox host trying to figure out why the pilot chose to crash the plane. And he interjects his funny common sense assessment of Cavuto’s awkward monologue in the way that only Russell Brand can.

Brand says,

“In a way this is the perfect Fox News story, because there’s no way of knowing for certain what were the motivations…and in that gap of ignorance, there’s room for tremendous fear and great propaganda.”

Brand also discusses the very serious epidemic of mental illness. And in typical Russell Brand style, he combines humor with some very insightful observations. He also makes a link between mental illness in this country and Fox News and explains why it best serves the Conservative propaganda machine to keep things this way.

Brand continues,

“Why are we living in a time of a mental illness plague? ….The reason Fox News can’t be honest about what causes mental illness is because Fox News is what causes mental illness.”

Check out this great clip below…

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