Bernie Sanders Showdown At Town Hall: Tells Hecklers to ‘Shut Up!’ – VIDEO


A town hall meeting in Cabot, Vt. over the weekend became heated when presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) fought with constituents over Israel and the deaths of Palestinian civilians.

The meeting quickly escalated into an angry shouting match with hecklers yelling obscenities at Sander, and Sanders telling them to “shut up” and let him talk.

Sanders yelled at one of the hecklers “excuse me, shut up. You don’t have the microphone.”

Sanders told the audience “you know I don’t want police officers here” as an officer approached one of the hecklers, who responded: “what, are you going to arrest people?”

Sanders replied: “no, I’m not going to arrest people, but are you going to allow us to have a discussion?

Sanders continued, amid more yelling, stating: “I’m trying to answer a question and I do not want to be disturbed.”

You can watch the showdown in the video, below:

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