‘Obama Isn’t The Messiah’ – ‘Communism And Socialism Will Not Work’


Liberals Unite published an article over the weekend discussing how the Conservative Tribune and Breitbart have managed to pick apart choice remarks from Obama’s Georgetown University appearance and mangle not only what he said and his intent, but have also managed to show their complete contempt for the words of Jesus and the meaning of the words he spoke. As one might predict, we received some interesting email responses to the post, the one below being our favorite.

SUBJECT: your lies about scripture

Not only is Obama’s statement blasphemous and evidence he thinks he knows more than Christ, but it reveals his far left Utopian view that we can create a perfect society, if we just had a little more government taxation and regulation. It’s been attempted to try and completely eliminate poverty before, it was called communism and it didn’t work.

Obama isn’t the Messiah and he’s not going to end all poverty. A little humility and practice of his alleged Christian faith would go a lot further in genuinely helping the poor.

Jesus said we WILL ALWAYS have the poor with us, He did not say not to help them.

communism and socialism will not work, in fact history proves it will not work

you might try using Google for a few minutes to find out what those passages mean, but that would mean you would have to use a Christian site to find out. liberal and atheist sites deny the truth

but I see you are also afraid of any criticism as you don’t seem to allow comments on your articles, so you apparently hate the truth also

Jesus never promised those who followed Him that they would have a life of ease and be problem-free.

He said that following Him involved taking up a “cross” (and we all know what the cross represents- a place of death; death to self and self-will). He said we would have tribulation, be hated by all men for His sake and be counted like sheep headed to the slaughter.


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