Open Letter To GOP Hypocrite Scott DesJarlais About Abortion, Your Wife & Your Mistress


Hey Rep. Scott DesJarlais,

It has come to my attention that you recently voted for a ban on abortion – after you supported your wife when she had TWO abortions. You also cheated on your wife, and your mistress (for lack of a better term) got pregnant, and then you pressured her to have an abortion.

First, I’d like to point out the obvious: you are a misogynist who has extra-marital affairs and you are a blatant hypocrite.

Second, you’re a GOP lawmaker, so the fact that you’re a misogynist and a blatant hypocrite comes as no great surprise. I know, I know . . . #NotAllGOPLawmakers

Perhaps you and your ilk have a false sense of confidence because the 2014 midterms worked in your favor. Democrats stayed home. Older, white Republicans showed up. Granted, the overall turnout was the worst it’s been in more than one hundred years but you already know that, right?

2016 will be VERY different. Presidential campaigns see a much higher turnout. Women turn out. Especially pissed off women. And Hillary Clinton is running. You know that, right? I know she scares you.

Scott, why do you pretend to be anti-choice when you are clearly all about abortion WHEN IT SUITS YOU? I don’t really have to ask why. I know why. You’re a BLATANT HYPOCRITE and your followers are FOOLS to believe you are anti-choice. As an advocate for at least three abortions, your proud proclamation on your so-called your “pro-life” stance is complete and utter bullshit. Because you are really pro-choice – but only when it pertains to your personal life. Screw everyone else. (Pardon the pun.) I got mine, etc…

Because SO many of the folks who call themselves “pro-life” are never really pro-life, just anti-choice, it’s difficult to take you all seriously. You whip yourselves up into these self-righteous frenzies and some of you murder abortion doctors in the name of “pro-life.”

When a party cuts food stamp funding for hungry, impoverished children and turns their backs on the mentally challenged – forcing them to live on the streets – and wants to take healthcare away from millions of citizens, you don’t get to call yourselves pro-life.

The harder you all push to force us back into the 15th century, the more you’ll see a backlash and trust me, 2016 will be a game-changer. You’ll lose. There’s also the fact that your core voters are dying off by the day.

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and think it fits perfectly here but I’ll add one thing about women who choose abortions after 20 weeks:

Women who are 20-weeks pregnant don’t just suddenly decide they want an abortion. And even if they did – it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is up to the patient and her doctor to decide her course of action – not the government and especially not some misogynist hypocrite who cheats on his wife.

No – abortion is NOT used as birth control. Actual birth control is easier to acquire and less expensive. I don’t care how many friends of friends you know who use abortion as a form of birth control. Yes, there are rare exceptions but that’s just what they are: RARE EXCEPTIONS – and either way – it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Junk science says that a 5 week old fetus feels pain. Real scientists say that a 5 week old fetus does NOT feel pain. Either way – it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

If YOU found yourself with an unwanted pregnancy and YOU wanted to give it up for adoption – that’s great. But YOU don’t get to dictate what other people choose. Because what other people decide to do with their body is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Young American women – you’d better wake up because your rights are being murdered by the “pro-life” crowd. They are systematically taking your right to choose away from you. If you don’t get up, fight back and vote, you will lose the right to have an abortion. Many of you have already lost clinics that will provide abortions. ‪#‎WakeUp

Kimberley. A Johnson

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