Ann Coulter Warns Immigration Will Lead To Mass Sexual Violence


Conservative pundit Ann Coulter appeared on the “The Eric Metaxas Show” to promote her new anti-immigration book, “Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.”

She really has a way with words, doesn’t she?

Coulter blamed Romney’s 2012 defeat on immigration. She said there aren’t enough white voters in the United States. And then she urged Romney to run a third time so that he can save America.

She’s been on a roll with her anti-immigration rhetoric and this time she warns that unless we crack down on immigration, America will turn into Uganda and we’ll see gender segregation and mass sexual violence against women and children.

Reagan got, I think it was 54 percent of the white vote, Romney got 59 percent of the white vote; the country in 1980 was about 90 percent white, now it’s about 62 percent white though still only 72 who can vote. IIf something drastic isn’t done right away, it is going to be George McGovern’s America, it is going to be La Raza’s America, it is going to be Uganda, basically. And get used to having segregated buses and subways, as they have in India and Mexico, because of the way women are treated and sexually abused there; get used to your little girls being raped and being pregnant; get used to not being able to go to your national parks because they are being burnt down, pot farms are being grown there, pesticides dumped all over.”

Metexas played right into her obvious and completely ridiculous fear tactics and said that he wished what she was saying was hyperbole, but that she’s absolutely right on.

Coulter pushed her book and said, “If this book doesn’t work and change our immigration policy, that’s it, time to build the bunker and hire the cheap maids.”

Nah. No hyperbole at all. Or racism. Or fear mongering. And before you see fit to yell at me for reporting on her drivel, and insist that if I, or other liberal sites ignore her, take a look at right-wing sites and see how many voters agree with her and buy her books. When Republicans stop paying attention to her, liberals can stop.

H/T tip Right Wing Watch for the audio:

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