Library For Cat Lovers Doesn’t Have A Single Book – VIDEO

screen capture from CBS News

screen capture from CBS News

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, there’s a library with no books, but a great story; a library with nothing to read, but that you have to check out; a library for people who just want to take a few minutes to sit down and get lost — in a good kitten.

Office receptionist Becky Garcia is the kitten librarian. Actually, she’s the receptionist at the Dona Ana County office building, where a couple of years ago county officials installed a little kitty condo in the lobby. The cats are from a local shelter and they’re available to any employee looking for a moment of purr bliss.

As CBS News reports, the kittens are from a local shelter, and Garcia jokingly referring to herself as “Madame of the Cat House,” relates that she loves “the joy, the smiles, I’ve seen so many smiles.”

Employees told CBS News that the kittens make for a fun day and it shows that the county cares — not only for the welfare of its workers, but for the homeless animals as well.

CBS News reports in the clip below that the county had a hidden agenda when they set up the program:

“Officials knew if people just took a few minutes to hold these animals that a bond might form. And in fact — to date — 100 kittens have been adopted from the library. And it’s that kind of outside-the-cage thinking that folks here would like spread to other communities across the country.”

Watch and enjoy:

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