Scott Walker – Equal Pay Pits Women Against Men



In an interview with the Boston Herald, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker attacked Hillary Clinton’s advocacy for equal pay legislation by saying she was simply following in President Obama’s footsteps in trying to “pit one group of Americans versus another.”

When the program’s host, Adriana Cohen, asked Walker about the (discredited) statistics posted on the conservative website Washington Free Beacon accusing Hillary Clinton of paying her staff unequally, he agreed that it was “part of that amazing double standard.”

Walker doubled-down:

“But I think even a bigger issue than that and this is sadly something that would make her consistent with the president, and that is I believe that the president and now Hillary Clinton tend to think that politically they do better if they pit one group of Americans versus another.”

The 2016 GOP hopeful also said, “Americans are hungry” for leaders who will “make every American’s life better” rather than those who want to “pit one group against another group out there.”

And then he added that equal pay legislation is part of the liberal plot to get Americans “dependent on the government: For them, their measure of success in government is how many people are dependent on the government, how many people are dependent, on whether its Medicaid or food stamps or health care or other things out there.”

Scott Walker wants to be President of the United States of America. He recently said that unnecessary trasvaginal ultrasound probes are a “cool thing,” he believes rape victims who become pregnant should be forced to carry the rapist’s baby to term and he’s called equal pay a “bogus issue.”

But there’s no War On Women.

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