Wealthy Californians Up In Arms About ‘Drought Shaming’


Just when you think those on the right can’t get any more disgusting, something like this happens and you’ve just got to shake your head and say WTF?! There’s a new complaint against that horrible liberal California governor: “drought shaming.”

In the midst of an historic California drought, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in January and has imposed water restrictions in an effort to conserve the precious water the state has left. Mind you, I have written on more than one occasion how Governor Brown could save a LOT of water if he would just impose a ban on fracking in the state, but this is not what I’m writing about today—although I still hope Jerry will come to his senses and do it.

No, today, I’m focusing on conservative talk show host Steve Yuhas and the wealthy crybabies who are his neighbors in the San Diego County enclave of Rancho Santa Fe. They’re all upset at the 25 percent water reduction called for by the governor and OH MY GOD! They will have to play golf on brown grass. THE HORROR!

The wealthy residents of Rancho Santa Fe were so upset that they showed Jerry Brown a thing or two. Instead of conserving by 25 percent, they upped their water consumption by 9 percent. Yeah, that’s showing him! For their infraction, they will face fines of up to $100. Yeah, a measly $100. Think that will make them sit up, take notice and change their behavior?

Yuhas says people “should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their gardens to be beautiful. We pay significant property taxes based on where we live. And, no, we’re not all equal when it comes to water.”

Okay, Yahoo—oh, sorry, I meant Yuhas—first of all, your significant property taxes are some of the rock bottom lowest in the country, with a base rate of 1%. With the additional charges for stuff like bond issues, San Diego County property taxes are still less than 1.3 percent. I mean, how cheap can you be?

“I’m a conservative,” Yuhas says, “so this is strange, but I defend Barbra Streisand’s right to have a green lawn. When we bought, we didn’t plan on getting a place that looks like we’re living in an African savanna.”

Yeah, well, perhaps Yuhas and his selfish neighbors should have considered that they were moving into a reclaimed desert and that maybe someday with all the people moving into Southern California, there might be a water problem. But hey, they’ve got money, so they should have all the water they want, darn it! Because, you know, we’re not all equal when it comes to water.

This is typical of so-called “conservatives” who have no idea what the word conserve even means. To them, it’s that everyone else should conserve so there’s more for them. That attitude isn’t just from the wealthy. It reminds me of a man I worked with who was red through and through. He hated living in California, that liberal den of iniquity, and wound up moving to northern Michigan. He was one of those climate change denier types who pooh-poohed the idea of conserving water and boasted about how he made it a point to take a half hour shower every morning.

Obviously, my former associate and people like Yuhas and Republican State Senator Jim Nielson are so busy yelling about “rights” that they are forgetting that we all live in this state, we are running out of water and water is a resource that we all need; not just farmers, not just the wealthy to keep their homes looking so pretty (ever consider a xeriscape you whiney jerks?), but ALL of us.

The selfishness exhibited by those who scream about how they abhor entitlements (but sure act entitled when it comes to something they want) is nothing less than astounding—and very telling.

Oh, and by the way, Steve, just because you’re a Jewish, gay, disabled veteran doesn’t give you the right to take what belongs to all of us and squander it. It does, however, beg the question, what in the hell is wrong with you and why are you on the side of the party that works against gay rights, takes funding away from veterans and most likely has a few choice things to say about Jews when they think the microphones are turned off?

As far as your golfing goes, I hope you spend your game in a sand trap.

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