Meet The Anti-Abortion Extremists Attacking Planned Parenthood – VIDEO


Planned Parenthood (PP) is currently under attack by anti-abortion extremists who are promoting a series maliciously edited videos making it look like PP is selling baby parts.

A video titled Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You F***ing Idiots brazenly illustrates how the extremist rhetoric is simply not true.


“3% of all Planned Parenthood’s activities are abortions, and more than 90% of those are in the first trimester when it’s about size of a kidney bean, so they do see some pieces of fetal tissue. Which are just going to be thrown away in the garbage, but which the patient can instead choose to donate to important medical research.”

Yesterday the extremists successfully blocked any traffic from going to— a site that 200,000 people count on every day for health info and services. If you’d like to help PP, click the link: STAND WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD

Congressional Republicans are using the rhetoric and distorted information to defund Planned Parenthood before the summer recess.

Republican lawmakers are aware there is NO federal funding for abortion, yet they are using the false rumors to justify a fast track vote to defund the organization . Eliminating federal funding for Planned Parenthood will mean eliminating healthcare for millions of men and women.

The Bridge Project released a video featuring the anti-abortion extremists at anti-Planned Parenthood rallies across the country. Take a look:

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