Megyn Kelly Yells ‘The Law Is the Law!’ While Misstating Law On Immigration – VIDEO


Fox News anchor and lawyer Megyn Kelly misstated the law on immigration detainers to refute her guest Jose Antonio Vargas as part of the Fox News effort to stoke up anti-immigrant sentiment in the aftermath of the tragic San Francisco shooting of Kate Steinle allegedly by undocumented immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.

The clips I use of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas come from a longer segment of Fox News’ July 13, 2015, broadcast of “The Kelly File” available online at

The full text of the federal regulation at issue, 18 CFR 287.7(d) is available online at

The full text of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals case, Galarza v. Szalczyk, 745 F. 3d 634 (3rd Cir 2014), is at

The full text of the federal district court case out of Oregon, Miranda-Olivares v. Clackamas County, is at

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