The Real Malignancy Is Republicans Who Think Of Women As ‘Worthless Breeders’ – Not Trump


New York State Senator Diane Savino posted a rant on Facebook blasting the media for focusing on Donald Trump’s thinly-veiled insult about Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s period, and she pointed out the other GOP candidates pose a much bigger threat to women’s rights.

In her Facebook post, Savino referred to Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail as “theater of the absurd.”

“I am not going to listen to this nonsense anymore about how Trump is offensive to women,” Savino wrote, and she pointed out that the other GOP candidates have more offensive views on women than Trump – specifically about the right to choose to have an abortion.

Savino referred to comments made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at Thursday’s primetime GOP debate, in which he said he would not support abortion even if it means women may die if they do not terminate the pregnancy.

“On that [debate] stage that night were three current United States senators, and two governors who all said that women’s lives are worthless, except as potential breeders. All of them, current office holders, seeking to become the President of the United States, believe that there should be no exception on abortion; none, not rape, not incest, not even if it is necessary to save the life of the mother, and that ladies, is what is friggin’ offensive to women.”


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