Why The Media Ignores Bernie Sanders

Why indeed?

One of the members of our partner page, Too Informed To Vote Republican, may have stumbled upon the answer – at least in regards to Colorado if not nationwide – and the rest of this article is an elaboration of the claims presented by Lyle P.

9NEWS out of Denver recently posted a video [below] explaining why they haven’t been covering the Bernie Sanders campaign. In the video, they explain that news coverage is “conversation between journalists and a campaign and we can’t get Bernie’s people to pick up the phone.” However as Lyle points out, he and his friends at the Bernie Sanders For President Colorado group have had “no problem connecting to Bernie’s campaign via phone.”

As Lyle explained in his post: “We all know that Bernie is a threat to the establishment and Corporate media. So here is the proof.”

It was easily confirmed that 9NEWS is part of TEGNA Media by observing the logo on the website and reviewing their own site’s information:

In 1971, a company called Combined Communications Corporation bought the station, making it part of a group that would eventually merge with Gannett, one of the largest media companies in the country. In 2015, Gannett spun its publishing properties from its broadcast and digital properties, making 9NEWS a part of TEGNA Media, which remains one of the country’s largest, most geographically diverse broadcasters.

Formerly Gannet Co., Inc., as per their website,

TEGNA Media includes 46 television stations (including those serviced by TEGNA) and is the largest independent station group of major network affiliates in the top 25 markets. TEGNA Media reaches approximately one-third of all television households nationwide and represents the #1 NBC affiliate group, #1 CBS affiliate group and #4 ABC affiliate group (excluding owner-operators). Millions of consumers turn to TEGNA Media throughout their day to navigate their world more successfully.

Perusing the NASDAQ listing for TEGNA ownership, Carl C. Icahn is listed as the second highest of the “Top 5 Holders of Institutional Holdings,” with nearly 15 million shares (or roughly 7 percent of the company). [As a side note, Icahn also owns about 3.3% of Time Warner and has been actively seeing to influence it’s direction, often in direct conflict with its former chief executive, Richard Parsons.]

With an estimated real time net worth of $21 billion, Icahn is “a feared and admired hedge fund activist” and “has a legitimate claim at being the most successful living investor,” according to a recent report by Forbes.

Now here is where it gets interesting. According to Forbes, Icahn could end up becoming the next U.S. Treasury secretary.

Donald Trump, still the Republican presidential front runner after a controversial week of media appearances since the party’s first debate aired, has nominated Icahn to run the country’s finances. And after first rejecting Trump’s nod, Icahn on Friday [August 14, 2015] took to his popular Twitter account to accept Trump’s offer.

Let this sink in for a minute.

As our friends at Being Liberal pointed out in their meme, Sanders continues poll higher than Trump1 and consistently draws larger crowds – yet he receives little to no coverage in the mainstream media, a third of which is controlled by Icahn’s TEGNA group. That’s Carl C. Icahn, Trump’s presumed Secretary of the Treasury were he to win the presidency in 2016.

As Lyle concluded: “Connect the dots!  Our Country is such a corrupt mess! How people can be in denial of this fact is dangerous. ‪#‎FeeltheBern‬”


FOOTNOTE 1: The latest Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, shows Bernie Sanders leading Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election match-up by a margin of 44 to 41 percent.

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