Conservatives Unleash Furious Assault On John Boehner


UPDATE, 25 September, 2015: Speaker of the House, John Boehner, announced that he will resign next month after serving for four years in the top post of the U.S. House of Representatives.


Republican Speaker John Boehner can’t seem to win for losing with conservatives and liberals alike taunting him online and in person.

Time and again the speaker’s pro-war position with Iran has been the source of trouble for Boehner.

Who could ever forget the time that the ultra-conservative website  published a scathing indictment of Speaker John Boehner in the wake of the growing scandal surrounding his invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress.

Earlier this week, Boehner posted a video on his Facebook page entitled “Boehner On Iran Deal Fight: It’s Just Beginning!” – and of course it isn’t. Senate Democrats successfully blocked three Republican led attempts to stop the Iran deal this week.

Going back to Boehner, we have published articles before about him getting smacked around on Facebook for other asinine posts. There was the time all hell broke loose on Boehner’s Facebook page after he posted a link to an article promising to “work to protect the ‪#‎Constitution‬ of the United States. Period.” That past was Boehner’s half-witted response to President Obama’s actions on immigration.

There was also the time that Boehner was trashed after he delivered a pathetic 25-second video quip on his Facebook page, in response to President Obama’s Thursday night’s immigration speech. In his awkward video, Boehner downright embarrasses himself. I kept waiting to hear hiccups, between each slightly slurred sentence. (Was it me?) Bad timing. Bad governing. Bad speaker.

He even got hammered by Republicans after a post about net neutrality, there was the time conservatives and liberals alike took to trolling his page, and there was the time that a skirmish erupted between conservatives and liberals on his page.

However, the fury that was unleashed on Boehner this week seems unrivaled by comparison to those other incidents, and this time 99.9% of it is coming from enraged conservatives.

You can read a few random comments we selected to illustrate the point below, followed by Boehner’s actual post in case you want to jump in.

  • Hey John how about growing some balls and stop kissing Obamas ass and do what you were elected to do. What the people of Ohio voted you in to do PAY you to do what you were elected to do. YOU and McConnell are traitors. So what if the Govt shuts down. Bills were paid, IF you’re afraid of being blamed for the shutdown big deal. The last time the govt was shutdon Dems was in control and the republicans was blamed. IF it shuts down it will be because of OBAMA not anyone BUT. IF none Senate or Congress can stand up to Obama YOU ALL failed us the people who PAYS your salaries not Obama. DO your job and CUT the purse strings. STOP letting Obama and rest WASTE our money. GROW SOME BALLS or let someone else take your position.
  • We’ve listened to your “blah, blah” since the day you became speaker. ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Take a risk, piss off Karl Rove, Piss ON Obama,. DAMMIT John Boehner Actually DO SOMETHNING! As it is now, the American people see you as just another Obama butt plug. Go to K-mart and BUY A PAIR !!!!
  • No you idiot Boehner, it’s just beginning for you! Get off your sorry establishment ass and Fight For America for a change. You are disgusting in every way and it’s time you moved aside and let a Patriot take your spot as Speaker of the House.
  • We’ve had your “Fight” talk. Just do your GOD DAMN job, and stop this. America sees you as a COWARD, and a GO ALONG TO GET ALONG, Republican.
  • Isn`t it a shame it takes a business tycoon to do straight talk to maybe, just maybe wake the “republican” party up ?Isn`t it a shame little unborn babies are dying everyday because nobody will actually stand up for them? Isn`t it a shame 93 million people are out of work and nobody will stand up against this radical regime and demand that things change to bring jobs back? Isn`t it a shame criminals are coming across our boarders by the thousands and are KILLING , raping , and even taking jobs from Americans with no one and I do mean no one doing a thing about it ? So after all these questions I have just one more for you : WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON ?
  • You are an embarrassment to this Nation. Name one single accomplishment of this Congress since you were handed the majority. You spineless man – can’t even defund an organization that is killing babies for profits. I pray for your soul!
  • Crap! You have sat on your ass and have given Obama everything he has wanted even after you guys got both the House and Senate. “We the people” are fed up with your GOP establishment.
  • Shut up. The fight was over the second you and McConnell rolled over, ignored the Constitution, and gave Iran the ability to destroy Israel and the U.S. You are weak and a complete imbecile!!!!
  • Boehner your full of crap. I hope OHIO voters vote you out…….pathetic
  • Iran fight is over. Boehner and McConnell have accomplished nothing while Obama was in office. They were too concerned with fighting our President instead of trying to create legislation that helps this country. Boner, McDuck and Cruz should all be hung for treason.
  • You lost that fight. Even though Republicans control both houses. Everything Obama wants passes. This would not happen if you and McConnell were doing your jobs.
  • Boehner and McConnell are like the French….The only way they know to “begin a fight” is to surrender…Both are Obama meat puppets.
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