Third Eye Blind Frontman Schools Marco Rubio on Climate Science (Video)


The Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the second Republican debate and has a message for Marco Rubio concerning the reality of climate change, telling Rubio that it’s real, is caused by human activity and admonishing the Republican presidential hopeful that he has “no excuse” for not understanding the science underlying the reality of man-made climate change.

“In that three-hour debate, they talked about climate change for three minutes,” Jenkins tells Rolling Stone adding that in the meanwhile, “you have Florida and you have Louisiana, which are literally sinking into the ocean.”

Jenkins remarks on Rubio’s infamous “I’m not a scientist” response to CQ in a 2012 interview after being asked “how old do you think the earth is?”

Jenkins continues, stating:

Senator Rubio, I’m not a scientist either. In my case, I’m a rhythm guitarist. But I did take science in high school. And I’d be embarrassed, as you should be, for not actually understanding what global climate change is, and how it is clearly affected by men. So if I may, I’d just like to explain it to him real quick.

Jenkins then goes on to describe the science behind climate change, and directing his comments back to Rubio, states: “now you know,” adding.

I’m famous enough to know that somebody in your staff is a Third Eye Blind fan, and that you’ve been told this shit.

You can watch Jenkins as he takes Rubio to task in the clip, below:

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