You Will Love How The White House Blasted Dick Cheney – VIDEO


The White House is blasting former vice-president Dick Cheney for opposing the Iran Deal in a new video posted to the White House YouTube page.

Posting that “Vice President Dick Cheney opposes the Iran nuclear deal. If his reasoning sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve heard it from him before on the Iraq war,” the White goes on to make the point that Dick Cheney was wrong then, and he is wrong now.

The video asks the question: “Right? About the Iraq War?” and goes on to play a series of clips in which Cheney’s credibility was challenged by news sources to include conservative Fox News commentators such as Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Juan Williams. .

In one clip, Fox commentator Williams asks Cheney why anyone should listen to him regarding the Iran deal considering the way the Bush administration completely botched the so-called “evidence” of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003.

“People say, ‘Well, Dick Cheney was wrong about Iraq. Why should they listen to you on Iran?'” Williams said.

You can watch the clip, below:

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