Hillary Clinton Trolls Republicans, Posts Epic Response To 3rd Debate

Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took to Twitter last night, giving an epic response to the third Republican debate.

Republican hopefuls weren’t holding anything back when it came to talking about Hillary Clinton during last night’s debate.

Chris Christie led the pack, characterizing Clinton as a pessimist, adding: “you put me on that stage against her next September, she won’t get within 10 miles of the White House. Take it to the bank.”

Carly Fiorina accused Clinton of being “demonstrably bad for women,” and referred to herself as “Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.” Mike Huckabee told the audience, “Donald Trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on Sunday rather than Hillary.”

Marco Rubio said: “I’m not running against Governor Bush. I’m not running against anyone on this stage,” adding: “I’m running for president because there is no way we can elect Hillary Clinton to continue the policies of Barack Obama.”

In all, “Hillary Clinton” was mentioned 20 times during the course of the debate and “Clinton” by itself an additional 3 times.

However, Clinton got her own licks in, taking to Twitter and live-texting her followers on a range of subjects.

For instance, talking about women’s reproductive rights, she tweeted: “Will repeat this as often as needed: Women—not the politicians on stage—should make decisions about their own health. #GOPdebate.”

In a reference to the one-percent, she tweeted: “Republicans are looking out for the wealthy and well-connected. Hillary is looking out for us. #GOPdebate.”

Clinton also took on the issues of global warming: “Republicans are refusing to act on climate change. Hillary has a plan to take it on. ,” and gun violence: “We can’t wait any longer to keep our communities safe. We need to act on gun violence prevention. ,” immigration: “There is no place in America for second-class citizenship. We can’t wait any longer for comprehensive immigration reform. ,” jobs: “We need to fight for policies that break down barriers to good jobs and help balance work and family: equal pay, child care, and paid leave.” and equal pay: “Every woman deserves equal pay. Period. .”

But by far, her most epic response was her parting tweet:

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