Hymen Inspections: Certificate Of Purity Offered To Father On Daughter’s Wedding Day


A woman in Maryland presented her father a “Certificate of Purity” on her wedding day to prove she fulfilled a promise made when she was thirteen – to remain a virgin until marriage.

Brelyn Bowman presented the doctor issued certificate to her father, Michael Freeman, the founder and pastor of the Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Maryland and a week later she posted a photo on social media with this text:

“Dancing with my first love. I was able to present a certificate of purity to him signed by my doctor that my hymen was still intact,” she said in the post. “Also, the covenant he gave me when I was 13. When you honor God, your life will automatically honor others! I love you, daddy.”

Since the photo was posted online, Bowman has been met with a barrage of online critics and many are questioning her choice to publicize the fact she had a doctor inspect her genitals to verify her hymen was intact. One Instagram commenter asked why a woman in 2015 felt the need to share details of her sex life with her father. “This is like turning all intellectual and humanistic progress backward,” one commenter wrote. “Back to the days of handing your father your wedding night bed sheets and possibly being killed for not having a hymen.”

Another commenter wrote, “And what on earth does her dad want with a certificate of her virginity? Was he going to stone her to death otherwise?”

Bowman’s father responded to the online criticism and posted a picture of his daughter with the certificate saying he was “praying” for the people who took it upon themselves to criticize his family, “Who knew that a picture like this would get so much negativity? But a natural man will not understand things of the Spirit for they are foolishness to them.”

Freeman told Buzzfeed he had no idea his daughter was going to present him with the certificate, “I was totally unaware of what was about to take place. During the remarks, she shared that she wanted to honor me by not allowing any man to touch her before her husband.”

Bowman said that she wishes to use the attention she’s getting as a platform to push abstinence before marriage.

It should be noted that a broken hymen is not always an indication of sexual activity, and any doctors who would engage in this type of archaic inspection should most definitely be questioned.

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