Michael Moore: The NRA’s Got It Half-Right – ‘Guns Don’t Kill People…’


“With due respect to those who are asking me to comment on last night’s tragic mass shooting… I no longer have anything to say about what is now part of normal American life.”

The Michael Moore quote is from 2014. Almost as tragic as are the gun massacres, is how easy it is to confuse them. There are so many. There are too many, and Michael Moore has had plenty to say. An activist, actor, and filmmaker, Michael Moore has been speaking out against gun violence in America for well over a decade. His poignant award-winning film, Bowling For Columbine, won international acclaim, and is still relevant today.

After each mass shooting in America, the public seems to flock to Michael Moore for his latest comments, hoping to make some kind of sense of it all. This quote/meme from 2014 tells most of us what we need to know:


Below is the full quote from  Michael Moore’s Facebook Page:

With due respect to those who are asking me to comment on last night’s tragic mass shooting at UCSB in Isla Vista, CA — I no longer have anything to say about what is now part of normal American life. Everything I have to say about this, I said it 12 years ago:We are a people easily manipulated by fear which causes us to arm ourselves with a quarter BILLION guns in our homes that are often easily accessible to young people, burglars, the mentally ill and anyone who momentarily snaps. We are a nation founded in violence, grew our borders through violence, and allow men in power to use violence around the world to further our so-called American (corporate) “interests.” The gun, not the eagle, is our true national symbol.

While other countries have more violent pasts (Germany, Japan), more guns per capita in their homes (Canada [mostly hunting guns), and the kids in most other countries watch the same violent movies and play the same violent video games that our kids play, no one even comes close to killing as many of its own citizens on a daily basis as we do — and yet we don’t seem to want to ask ourselves this simple question: “Why us? What is it about US?”

Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white males. None of them are committed by the majority gender, women. Hmmm, why is that?

Even when 90% of the American public calls for stronger gun laws, Congress refuses — and then we the people refuse to remove them from office.

So the onus is on us, all of us. We won’t pass the necessary laws, but more importantly we won’t consider why this happens here all the time. When the NRA says, “Guns don’t kill people — people kill people,” they’ve got it half-right. Except I would amend it to this: “Guns don’t kill people — Americans kill people.” Enjoy the rest of your day, and rest assured this will all happen again very soon.

Below are two short clips from Michael Moore’s film, ‘Bowling For Columbine,’ which took the 2003 Oscar for Best Documentary:

Thank you, Michael Moore, for continuing to speak the truth, often risking your life to expose America’s good, bad, and ugly. We need Moore.

There are several very active anti-gun violence organizations in this country, including, Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America and The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence. You can support their efforts by visiting/joining/sharing their work. Special thanks to Facebook Page: Gun Control Now and Steve Marmel on Twitter: @Marmel for the 2014 meme/adaption and for speaking out on the issue.

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