" /> You Won't Believe What TV Legend Norman Lear Just Called Donald Trump (Video)

You Won’t Believe What TV Legend Norman Lear Just Called Donald Trump (Video)

Legendary television producer Norman Lear calls Donald Trump “excessively assholian,” says his popularity represents America’s “middle finger” to establishment politics.

Jeanne Wolf of Hollywood Blog interviewed Lear, the producer of other hit sitcoms such as Good Times, Maude, One Day at a Time, Sanford and Son, and The Jeffersons.

In a reference to Lear’s sitcom, All in the Family, Wolf began the interview asking Lear: “What do you think of people who say – there are a lot of them – Donald Trump is our new Archie Bunker?”

Lear responded:

“Donald Trump is our new Archie Bunker” – interesting. I think – I want to believe that the American people are holding up Donald Trump as they might their middle finger and they’re giving the middle finger to the establishment, to all of us – left and right – who are the establishment, because they are badly served by the establishment. We are a culture of excess. That’s our biggest product: excess. In everything and he is excessively assholian. But, I think the American people understand that and this is their way of saying, ‘This is how you’re taking care of us? You leaders? Take this.’ And they give us Donald Trump.

Wolf responded that: “at least he’s shaken up the conversation. He’s made everybody stop talking and stop accepting the idea that they can talk in these canned messages, yes?”

“I infer from your question that you think Donald Trump has something on his mind other than himself and I’m not sure of that,” Lear replied, adding: “Donald Trump is selling his own product and I don’t think he has my kids in mind and their future.”

You can watch the interview, below:

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