A perfect way to handle politically challenged relatives at Thanksgiving — featuring Adele.

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The cast of Saturday Night Live has the perfect solution to the inevitable family arguments over Thanksgiving dinner —“A Thanksgiving Miracle.”

It begins with one of the relatives saying,

“I’m thankful our governor is keeping those refugees out.”

It proceeds hilariously from there, when the rather clueless Aunt then says,

“I saw an ISIS today in the A&P, when I was picking up the yams,”

and her niece explains,

“No you didn’t, Aunt Cathy. That was an Asian woman.”

Aunt Cathy then pointedly asks the only African-American person at the table,

“Why is it that your ‘friends’ keep antagonizing the police?”

Finally, fed up and ready to cut through the BS, a little girl gets up from the table, cues Adele singing, “Hello,” and it unites the family once again. At least … for a minute.

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It’s the kind of thing we all wish we could do when the conversation gets hot and heavy at the family table. Fortunately for me, this year my conservative Auntie is 9 states away.

How about yours?


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