Bernie Sanders Destroys Donald Trump With This Epic Tweet


Bernie Sanders trolls Donald Trump with an epic tweet in response to Trumps’ remarks about his campaign.

Donald Trump dismissed Bernie Sanders‘ presidential campaign, saying it is already “finished.”

Trump make the comments during a Tuesday press conference held at Trump Tower.

As Business Insider reports, Trump “blasted Sanders for what many people saw as his standout moment in the first Democratic debate: defending former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

“When the email problem came up, Bernie Sanders lost his whole campaign. I mean, what he did was so stupid from his standpoint,” Trump said, adding: “In order to get a one-minute sound bite and some applause, he gave up the emails.”

“That was the end of his campaign. First of all, people aren’t going to his rallies anymore,” he continued, concluding: “He’s finished. Unless something happens to her with respect to the emails, she’ll easily be the candidate.”

Later in the day, Sanders hit back with an epic tweet reminding Trump that he was beating him in the polls:

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