Just When You Thought The GOP Couldn’t Sink Any Lower….


Just when you thought the GOP couldn’t go any lower, they do.

This weekend at the GOP Florida Sunshine Summit, these offensive and sexist Hillary Clinton pins are once again selling like hot cakes. But, truthfully, I’m not sure what shocks me more, these unbelievable pins or the fact that the Republican party thinks they can do things like this and still have any chance with women voters.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you, GOP?? Are you really trying to give the entire block of female voters to the Dems? Really?? I mean, we’ll gladly take them, but what are you thinking? It’s almost like you learned nothing at all back in 2008 when you peddled this same type of crap against Obama. Remember how well it worked out for you when you sold all of those buttons and stickers that said things like, “If Obama is president … will we still call it the White House?” Well I hate to break it to you, but insulting Hillary Clinton’s breasts and thighs will end no better for you.

When your party is now seen as little more than a joke to most Americans, and when your candidates are so awful that you are now actually turning back to Mitt Romney to save the day, perhaps your time would be better served not just sitting around making offensive sexist pins about women. Just a thought.

But, all this really shows me, other than the fact that you are a bunch of sexist assholes, is that you are truly scared shitless of running against Hillary in 2016. And you know what? You should be.

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Mindy Fischer

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