Cher’s Epic Ted Cruz Smackdown!


Cher smacks down Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is making a run for President in 2016. But it looks like he may run into some problems if Cher’s reaction is any indication.

The iconic singer and actress Cher, often described as embodying female autonomy in a male-dominated industry, took to her social media account on Twitter last week to take on the Texas Tea Party favorite in two epic tweets.

It appears that the first tweet was deleted, but Twitchy captured it prior to its removal.

The tweet read: “As Judas was to Jesus, so is Ted Cruz to America. Read what he’s written and watch what he’s said for years. He ALWAYS TERRIFIED ME. 💀#30piecesofsilver1

In the second tweet, Cher wrote of being in state of shock between the “hypocrites” in the Republican Party “faking surprise at Donald Trump” and the “idea” that people are “fooled by Satan incarnate, [Ted] Cruz.”

She posted a third tweet, acknowledging that her earlier tweets about Cruz were “harsher rhetoric than usual,” but goes on to explain that “I’ve always been afraid of him, I can’t help it,” adding that the proposition of him reaching the number one position in some recent polling “scares” her.

And this isn’t the first time the pop diva has weighed in on the Republican presidential hopefuls.

Back in July 2014, Cher, along with other notables such as Rachel Maddow were criticizing Sen. Rand Paul for not supporting the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Cher took to Twitter calling him a racist and a liar in a series of posts.

In the first tweet she called Rand Paul a “liar”for claiming “he’s not a racist.” She went on to point out that he failed to support the Civil Rights Act of 1964 until he started his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

In the second tweet, posted a few minutes later, she again lashed out at Paul for being a liar, suggesting he supports the idea of “no [blacks] at the lunch counters.”


FOOTNOTE 1: The standard Twitter abbreviations were expanded for ease of reading. The original post read as follow: “As Judas Was 2 Jesus, So Is Ted Cruz 2America. Read What He’s Written & Watched What He’s Said, 4 Yrs. He ALWAYS TERRIFIED ME💀#30piecesofsilver.”

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