" /> Hilarious - GQ Slams Ted Cruz

Hilarious – GQ Slams Ted Cruz


GQ slams Ted Cruz – likening him to an “extra on Seinfeld.”

Formerly known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly, GQ set their sights on Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The international men’s monthly magazine focusing on fashion, style and culture for men took aim at Tea Party favorite Cruz in a hilarious – if not scathing article last week.

The Guardian offers a perfect introduction to the most recent GQ article slamming Cruz – this time for his lack of fashion sense.

“The weather has finally cooled a bit, and that can only mean one thing: time for Ted Cruz to dump his ill-fitting suits and ties for his even iller-fitting collection of flannel shirts and leather jackets.”

Noting that “Cruz’s father, Rafael, has been brainwashing his son since he was about four years old to believe he’s ‘gifted above any man he knows’ and ‘destined by God for greatness,’ the kinds of delusions that were guaranteed to get him stuffed in a locker by junior high,” The Guardian continues, observing that: “Unfortunately, training to become Daddy’s little messiah didn’t leave Cruz time to develop even the slightest sense of style, and GQ has some stern fashion advice for him.”

“In general, we’re not exactly sure why presidential hopefuls think that oversized, awkward leather jackets will make them seem more ‘relatable to voters,” GQ reports, adding: “In fact, throughout history, the people who have looked best in leather jackets—Brando in The Wild One, Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, Sid Vicious—were all pretty anti-establishment to begin with.”

First, the jacket just doesn’t fit. If you’re looking for one, make sure the shoulder seams hit at your actual shoulders and there’s not so much fabric pooling around your elbows (a slimmer cut would fix that). Second, it’s also bizarrely vague style, neither a bomber nor a cafe-type racer. Cruz opted for on nondescript zip-front jacket that we think calling basic might be too complimentary.

Moving in for the final punch, GQ concludes: “Combine that jacket with a tucked in flannel and medium wash jeans, and you’ve got yourself a man who would look more at home as an extra on Seinfeld than in real world 2015—or 2016, while we’re at it.”

Check out Cruz’s winter look in this recent news report from Atlanta.

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