Massive Online Backlash After Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary Clinton

Former Planned Parenthood donors are now sending their money to Bernie Sanders

In a historic move yesterday, Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary Clinton for President – its first endorsement in a presidential primary in the nonprofit’s 100-year existence.

Clinton supporters were thrilled; however, they appear to be in the minority if you look at comments on social media. After visiting the Planned Parenthood Action page and reading the comments about the endorsement, I found the people who were weighing in on the endorsement were expressing their disappointment, and the overwhelming majority of these folks were Bernie Sanders supporters.

Several commenters said they’re pulling donations from Planned Parenthood and giving them to Bernie Sanders because universal healthcare (which he is promoting) would remove the need for PP’s services.

One commenter on Rock The Slut Vote’s Facebook page wrote:

“Bank phones clogged all night with people cancelling donations. I’m not kidding. This was an absurd mistake on their part. Took me 47 minutes to get my bank to cancel my monthly donation and the tired rep said “yes..pp? You and half the world..”

Many are posting a article pointing out that the daughter of PP’s president, Lily Adams is Hillary Clinton’s Iowa communications director. (Breitbart is a conservative site but the information about Lily Adams is true.)

The visitor’s section of the Planned Parenthood Action page is filled with disappointed voters. Here’s just a small selection of the comments:

“While I will always support a woman’s right to choose, and her right to accessible healthcare, I find myself no longer able to support your organization. You are supporting a presidential candidate who supports Monsanto, one of the largest destroyers of health, and ecosystems in the world. SHAME ON YOU.”

“I support what your organization does, PP, but DO NOT support your embarrassing endorsement which is clearly tied into the fact that Cecile Richards daughter was appointed as your Iowa communications director. Nicely played, but the people are NOT fooled. My monetary and physical support is now going to local clinics, other organizations, and candidates who are actually pro-women’s health. “An anti-women’s health president would undo all PP fought for?” Maybe you should look up HRC’s record…she stands AGAINST single payer healthcare. HRC wants to keep us in a for profit health insurance system because she benefits from it directly. You only need look at her donor list to figure that out.

To snub Sanders when he stood behind PP, when HRC threw PP under the bus with the video incident….disgusting. HRC voted for the Iraq war, which drove many women and children into the sex trade…how is that championing for women’s rights??

You’ve lost another follower. I vote with my mind, not my vagina, and I would love to see a woman POTUS, but not a Clinton.”

“I hate having to unfollow and unlike your page, but I am tired of getting spammed with your polemic pre-primary endorsement for a candidate that does NOT represent my interests. I’m giving my money to Sanders’ campaign instead of PP this quarter. You are alienating your members, supporters and donors. I hope the Clinton campaign paid you well for your endorsement and constant spamming, because I bet your donations this quarter will ‪#‎FeelTheBern.”

Planned Parenthood’s Twitter feed is seeing exactly the same response. Read the entire tweet thread HERE.

Progressive pages that have reported on the endorsement are getting thousands of comments from the public expressing the same sentiments and showing enthusiastic support for Bernie Sanders.

See for yourself:

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