State Senators Fly To Colorado To Show Their Ignorance About Marijuana

Massachusetts senators flew to Colorado to ask stupid questions about marijuana and they weren’t high.

Eight Massachusetts Senators, on a fact finding mission, traveled to Colorado last week to look into the wonderful world of recreational marijuana and all of its benefits to state revenues and happy constituents, according to “The Boston Globe.”

It’s not clear (or maybe it is) why they had to travel on the taxpayer dime all the way to Colorado to hunt down this information. It’s a bit like flying to Switzerland to research the best way to make change for a $100 when there’s a perfectly good bank right around the corner.

It would appear that the state’s “Special Committee on Marijuana,” have very little knowledge of what cannabis is, what it does, or how it is consumed.

They could have researched a couple of Cheech and Chong movies before going all that way. Maybe given Willy Nelson or whoever is left from the Grateful Dead a call. Judging from some of the questions though, it looks more like they watched “Reefer Madness” on the plane.

For starters, Senator John F. Keenan, who purportedly argues legalization and should be well versed in the interest of public safety, seemed confused as to how marijuana is consumed. While being shown a variety of strains at a local dispensary, Kennan asked the “budtender”, “If I were to buy this, what would I do with it? Do I crush it? Roll it?”

Keenan later asked an employee at the dispensary whether they sold “the balm.” It’s not clear whether he was asking about cannabis topicals, or if he had overheard someone in Boston say, “Man, this weed is the bomb!”

Senator Michael O. Moore, for his part, was noticeably confused by the idea that recreational marijuana products could still be used for medical purposes. Strange, considering that Boston is pretty well known for its medical community and there are a lot of resources he could have tapped.

Senator Jason Lewis, the trips organizer, said that “while the implementation of legalized marijuana in Colorado has gone reasonably well, there are many, many different issues that come up and need to be addressed.”

And while none of the Senators fully elaborated on the committee’s concerns, the potential dangers of children getting their hands on edible pot products and impaired driving were among some of the leading issues being discussed during the visit. Colorado health officials told the senators that despite a handful of cases of impaired driving and THC overdoses, legalization has not contributed to any widespread health issues.

The measure to legalize pot in Massachusetts and see it treated and regulated in the same way as alcohol is on the ballot. Lawmakers have the option of taking action on the proposal or they can let it go before the voters in November.

Senator Richard Ross told “The Milford Daily News” that the committee anticipates the initiative “has a reasonable chance at passing.” However, if voters do not approve the measure in the upcoming election there is a possibility that the legislature may impose a moratorium to prevent further measures from being presented.

The Senators are due home sometime this week.

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