Behind The Scenes Of A Ted Cruz Fundraising Video. Wow.

Screenshot 2016-02-23 09.56.25

(Yes, this is her actual expression during part of this video …)

Ever watch someone on camera closely and get really creeped out? That is exactly how I felt after viewing the Ted Cruz video. 

Heidi Cruz, the wife of Rafael “Ted” Cruz, is shown in this clip trying to nail a fundraiser video script, and eventually, getting it.

You can see Rafael “Ted” going through the script, word-for-word, and then her copying it, intonations and all. Her facial expressions really freak me the heck out.

I tellya what — give me the authenticity of a Bernie Sanders any day.

And the maker of this clip adding the beat to it and repeating some of the words like a chant? Brilliant.

Say it with me now, “5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 100 dollars … whatever you can. Whatever you can.”


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