Bernie Sanders Stops Speech When Supporter Has Medical Problems – Video


Bernie Sanders stopped a speech when a supporter needed medical aid, and this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

The People for Bernie Sanders 2016 reported Wednesday night that “Tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma Bernie Sanders gave a speech to thousands. One of those people had medical problems. Jane Sanders had him stop the speech. That’s the couple we want in the White House.”

As Bustle reported earlier this month, this kind of behavior on the campaign trail should not surprise anyone at this point. While speaking at a campaign rally in New Hampshire on February 3rd, Sanders “briefly stopped a press conference and rushed to help a man who passed out.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the man, a volunteer with a state Sierra Club chapter, “suddenly collapsed, hitting the wooden floor with an alarming thud.”

“Oh my God!” Mr. Sanders said, rushing to the man, who appeared to have fainted. Supporter regained consciousness and, “accompanied by others, was able to groggily walk out a side door.”

Last October, in the aftermath of a Democratic debate, Sanders was captured on video coming to the rescue of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell was surrounded by a crowd of news camera operators and reporters when she reportedly lost her footing.

Yahoo News reported that: “The incident occurred in a hallway just outside the spin room at the Wynn Las Vegas, where candidates and their surrogates spoke to the press following the Democratic presidential debate.”

Ironically enough, Sanders also rescued his main opponent in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, during the debate when he stood up for her after she was cornered by questions regarding her emails.

You can watch Senator Sanders in action with Andrea Mitchell in the clip, below:

And here’s a second clip of it from a different source:

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