One Toke Over The Line, Sweet Jesus! Bill Maher Lights Up On-Air.

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Bill Maher had a really solid monologue during the “New Rules” segment of Real Time, wherein he talked about the “inevitability” of marijuana becoming legal – at least according to young people and some in the political sphere.

As he makes clear, abortion was once a legal right in all 50 states … until the uber-religious right wing attacked that right in state after state — and won.

It can happen; Los Angeles, CA used to have 700 marijuana dispensaries, but that’s been whittled down to 200 as so many were closed due to political oppression within the city.

And in other states where it’s “legal” medically such as Michigan, when local elected officials or state legislators get pressure or get money from big pharma, they shut down local dispensaries or change the rules to cause them to close — and scale back on the laws allowing for its distribution.

So … we need to keep up the fight, folks.

And in honor of keeping up that fight, watch Bill Maher light up a nice fat doobie, take a few puffs, and then pass it to rapper Killer Mike:

(The first part of the headline refers to the old classic by Brewer and Shipley. And … for a really weird experience, check out the Lawrence Welk version. Not kidding …)

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