Pot Smoking Sanders Supporters – There’s a Pipe For You.


Ceramic artists creates Bernie marijuana pipe and donates a portion to the campaign.

Want to feel the Bern? Feeling high about Sanders? Are you part of Bernie Sanders’ “Grass” roots campaign? Get a bowl. A Bernie Bowl that is.

Sanders supporter, Ariel Zimman, is selling handmade ceramic pipes with Sanders’ campaign logo to raise funds for the campaign. The 29-year-old from Portland Oregon is marketing her paraphernalia to “Burners for Bernie” says she will donate 10 percent of her proceeds to the Sanders’ campaign.

“It was really just a way to show my support for him as a candidate,” Zimman said, according to The Center for Public Integrity. “People love [the pipes], and once they hear they are contributing in some way to the campaign, they are all about that too.”

The problem is, that according to the Center, what Zimman is doing might not be legal. According to the attorneys, entrepreneurs open themselves up to risks by using candidates’ names, likenesses or logos, especially if they promise to donate a specific portion of the sales.

“You can’t promise to pass the money along to the candidate,” Joe Birkenstock, an attorney at Sandler Reiff who previously served as the chief counsel of the Democratic National Committee, told the Center for Public Integrity.

“If I was advising one of these vendors, I would probably advise them to be a little less specific in their solicitation,” Larry Noble, a former top lawyer for the Federal Election Commission who now works at the Campaign Legal Center, also said.

According to Kenn Gross, who leads the political law practice at Skadden Arps, said that artists like Zimman are “actually doing good for the campaign,” even if the products they make are not licensed or authorized.

“I can’t imagine the campaign going against them,” Gross said. “They’re supporters. They don’t want to turn them off.”

Who knows, these could be collector’s items. Even if you’re not a pot smoker, you can pick one up on line at Zimman’s site.


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