Are You Ready For Virtual Reality News?

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The Associated Press is preparing to launch a brand new viewer experience: a virtual reality channel.

In what is termed “immersive journalism,” the respected non-profit news organization that celebrates its 170th birthday this spring has partnered with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMD) to put the viewer in the center of the news by utilizing 360 video technology and virtual reality.

AP’s director of interactive and digital news production, Paul Cheung, said, ”Each new publishing technology reinvents how we experience news. And VR promises the next revolution by immersing us deep in a story. With AMD’s collaboration, AP will leverage their expertise in image rendering and graphic technology so that we can enhance and strengthen the VR news experience.”

Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect at Radeon Technologies Group at AMD, stated, “The global VR ecosystem is set for expansion, and AMD Radeon graphics is set to power the most realistic experiences possible. In collaboration with the Associated Press, we’re excited to bring this realism to audiences everywhere, letting them connect with global issues and news in an unprecedented format, bringing emotion and understanding to the human condition.”

Up until now, virtual reality has been limited to the gaming experience. This venture opens doors that will provide a unique and visceral way to connect people around the world.

For a two-dimensional peek into what the future holds, check out these videos: Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky, which is a huge sorting and packaging facility, and a tour through a migrant labor camp in Calais, France. You’ll notice in the upper left corner of the screen is a directional indicator, which will give you an idea of the scope of the experience.

AP will retain complete control over content. The channel can be found here: The Big Story

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H/T to Thomas Soldan, and avid runner and criminal defense litigator in Virgina.

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