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Donald trump has proved, again, that he doesn’t understand the world. This becomes apparent with every interview. Starting with the Washington Post and the most recent New York Times interview. Andrea Mitchell of CNN was flabbergasted in a recent round table on the station.

In the meantime Clinton’s camp accusing of Sanders of going negative. Did he? Has he? Or is he simply pointing out that he’s the better candidate.

Zombeck’s continued obsession with Bernie Sanders will be apparent today.  Will Trupiano go along with him or fight for a more equal playing field on the show?  The Donald Trump debate, on everything Trump, continues as well.  How the hell did all this happen and can it be corrected?

No doubt T&Z has an opinion on this topic as well.  And Ted Cruz, you remember him, right? Where is he these days and is his relevance gone and forgotten?

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Richard Zombeck

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