Hey Joe Scarborough: Shut Your Sexist Male Pie Hole

A few words for Joe Scarborough that are long overdue.

Joe, May I call you Joe?

Regarding your tweet:

Shut the f/u/c/k up about how Hillary Clinton should behave.

I’m a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders, and I’m not giving up on a victory just yet, but I’m also a woman who’s beyond sick and tired of men telling women what to do.

Hillary Clinton is a force to be reckoned with and, while she isn’t my first choice, anyone with eyes and working brain cells knows she could mop the floor with your sorry self, given the opportunity.

You’re the lone conservative with a show on a “liberal” cable network, and we get it, you have to pander to misogynists. It appears this leads you to the false assumption that your position grants you the authority to condescend to a female presidential candidate and tell her how she *should* behave.

You’re welcome to your manpinion, but in this case your opinion is sexist and full of shit. Women all over this country have had enough of your brand of neo-caveman behavior. We don’t give a SHIT what you think or want when it pertains to our behavior. Women don’t need to act feminine so that you feel manly and continue living under the illusion that men are superior to women. We don’t need to smile to satisfy some deep seated insecurity you may be (probably are) harboring. We don’t need to listen to another holier-than-thou man telling us what to do and how to behave.

So while you believe you know what’s best for former First Lady, former New York Senator, former Secretary of State and current presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, you can take your white mansplaining and stick it up your – well, I think you know where I’m going with this.

With all due respect,  f/u/c/k right off.


Kimberley A. Johnson

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